Bell Rock Lighthouse

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Lighthouses have fascinating histories, often unique to the locations they’re in the the challenges of that particular environment. One that we found particularly interesting was that of Bell Rock Lighthouse off the coast of Scottland. If this is your sort of thing, we recommend on reading up about this wonderful piece of architecture.

Navigation by stars

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Celestial Navigation is an art and a nautical tradition. A technology of the stars based upon observation. If this is something you’re interested in click on the link and take the plunge.

Nautical Know How

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Nautical Know How is important if you plan on spending any time out on the water. The more the better, so click on the link and brush up on your skills.


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Behold the Ironclad which gave birth to the warship as we know it.


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Just a bit of nautical review, and a bit of trivia for young folks just getting interested in sailing. Vessels propelled by the wind require rigging, and rigging is made up of masts, yards, sails, and cordage, all the things that give a vessel the means to move upon the water. So, there you have it.


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The Knot isn’t always what you think it is in the nautical world.