on Apr 17, 2016

A little planning can make your life easier, and that means more time on the water. Do your planning and make sure it includes some fun.

Sea Sculptures

on Mar 27, 2016

We thought we’d share a very intesting TED Talk by Jason deCaires Taylor and his amazing sea sculptures. He best describes his work and the life it’s taken on himself. Enjoy.

The Sea

on Mar 20, 2016

We stumbled upon this painting called Wreck of the HMS Orpheus by Richard Brydges Beechey and were just fascinated by it. Somehow the true spirit of the sea is captured, her power and naked fury in a subtle and sublime way. Man’s struggle with the sea is on full display, something to be respected and honored for all that it is. Our true origin, the beginnings of life as we know it. What a marvel.


on Feb 13, 2016

Today we’d like to tip our hats to lighthouses. They’ve served mariners well for centuries and continue to do so. They truly are the beacons that keep us safe and hold the promise of safety during turbulent times, all with a grace and beauty near and dear to the nautical world.

Bell Rock Lighthouse

on Feb 1, 2016

Lighthouses have fascinating histories, often unique to the locations they’re in the the challenges of that particular environment. One that we found particularly interesting was that of Bell Rock Lighthouse off the coast of Scottland. If this is your sort of thing, we recommend on reading up about this wonderful piece of architecture.

Navigation by stars

on Nov 28, 2015

Celestial Navigation is an art and a nautical tradition. A technology of the stars based upon observation. If this is something you’re interested in click on the link and take the plunge.