Housing Crisis

There”s been an increase in people living offshore ok old boats in the San Francisco Bay. Though folks may think this solves a housing problem caused by affordability, it’s actually the beginning of a host of other problems. Just ask the folks down in Santa Barbara about the issues caused be beached boats.

Coast Guard calls off search for kayaker

After a long night of looking and scores of nautical miles scoured, the U.S. Coast Guard called off its search Wednesday afternoon for the missing 32-year-old man whose kayak capsized in the San Francisco Bay near the Dunbarton Bridge. The Coast Guard launched an 87-foot patrol boat and other vessels that searched through the night, … Read more

How to watch San Francisco’s Fleet Week

Since not everyone has the opportunity to crowd the waterfront to catch a glimpse of the annual air show, we will be streaming live video on our Facebook page and posting video on our Snapchat and Instagram accounts from the field. Source: How to watch San Francisco’s Fleet Week live – SFGate