One Day

We’ve all been affected by the ongoing pandemic. All we can suggest is be patient and do your best to take care of yourself and your familty. We will get past this. One day.

It Helps

Well…. according to the news, boating accidents and fatalities are at an all-time high. Why? Lots and lots of new boaters. Folks, please get some safety training. It really does help.

Another Day

Never underestimate the power of nature. We see examples all the time of the dangers it can pose. That being said, we strongly encourage new boaters to learn how to deal with minor situations and avoid major ones. There’s always another day to hit the water with your boat.


The media seems to confirm that the world is still mad as a hatter. No worries. There’s always boating to put things back into perspective.

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day used to be about celebrating and acknowledging the working person. These days, with all the turmoil, we’ve forgotten that. We here at Harbor News tip our hat to all the hard work and people doing it. You keep the world moving.

Another Holiday

Another holiday weekend in the middle of a non-stop pandemic. At this point, instead of feeling compelled to do something because it’s the end of summer, don’t. Relax, unwind, spend some time doing things you like and let all of this craziness pass. It’s just another holiday, there will be others. Be safe friends.

Thank you Charlie

Hello once more. We’ve been listening to the Rolling Stones and enjoying the gift left behind by Charlie Watts. What a phenomenon of a band and a drummer that was there from the beginning. It’s hard to fully comprehend the treasure Charlie and crew left for the world. We would like to say thanks and … Read more

Happy Reflecting

Hello again. We’ve been posting a bit of commentary on the weekends to break things up a bit. Both of us, and for the folks that read our posts. As exciting as the world of boating is, it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on things. It helps clear the mind and give … Read more

It Helps

Greetings. We know the craziness in the world is enough to get anyone down. It’s easy to say don’t let it…. but, that’s actually much harder to do. It’s still important to keep things in perspective and try to focus on the good that goes on every day. If for no other reason than it’s … Read more


This seems to be the age of chaos and anxiety. The cure, maybe a little time on the water. Some silence… Some time to be in nature. Whatever it takes to bring you some peace and connection. Be well friends.


These days everyone is focused on not getting sick, but not really their health. It’s not mentally healthy to lock oneself inside, away from the world. Isolation has consequences. So, wanting to do our part, we encourage folks to get out, safely, and spend some time in nature, or out at sea. Don’t underestimate the … Read more