Safe Boating Month

May is safe boating month. With the increase in boating, we’ve increased our focus on safety. Keep boating safe and fun. Tragedy can be avoided when you know the rules of the water. Something we encourage everyone to take seriously and learn. You can’t be too prepared.

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Learning and Teaching

Life is a constant process of learning and teaching others. It’s how we grow. It helps us to better understand the world we live in and make it a better place. Through it, we start to find our place in the world and realize our place in it. Boating is the same. It helps us … Read more

Safe Travel

Spring is here. After a rough year of dealing with the pandemic, folks are anxious for some fun and travel. You can’t blame them. That being said, we can’t stress enough the importance of safety. Make sure that your boat, van, or camper is in good working order. Check your safety equipment too. Remember, safe … Read more


Take a break. Be still, collect your thoughts, and be. We all need to do that from time to time. Being on the water helps. That’s the beauty of boating. It can calm the mind and bring peace to the spirit. Enjoy while you can.

Happy Boating

With the pandemic came a renewed interest in the world of boating which has spilled into 2021. We’re grateful for that. At the same time, we are working to make new boaters aware of the need for boating safety. Things aren’t quite the same being over water vs. being on dry land. We will continue … Read more

A Break

Every once in a while it’s good to take a break, regroup, and clear our heads. The ongoing pandemic makes that even more important. So, taking our own advice, we at Harbor News are getting out into nature for a day, far away from people… just to listen to the birds sing and the wind … Read more