Our pets become big parts of our lives, and having them with us spills over into our boating activities. So, it’s just as important that we take precautions to keep them safe while we’re on the water. They”ll appreciate it.


Howdy folks! If you’re like us, you’re a pet lover. Lots of people love to take their furry friends out on the water with them. We just wanted to remind folks that they too should be wearing life vests, ones that are designed just for them. After all, don’t you want to keep your furry … Read more


Remember that boating safety extends to your pets. If you take a dog out with you, take the necessary precautions to keep the family pets safe too.


Cat lovers, spread the word. If you’re in the Santa Barbara area, C.A.R.E.4PAWS & ASAP have launched a Spring Spatathon for Cats. This is taking place April 10 – May 31. With the goal of preventing hundreds of unwanted kittens ending up in local shelters this spring C.A.R.E.4PAWS & ASAP join forces to help low-income … Read more