A little surprising

In doing research on Marinas that provide Free WiFi, it’s surprising how little there is. In this day and age you’d think this type of service would be nearly ubiquitous, and yet it isn’t. Perhaps the demand isn’t great enough, or it’s an infrastructure issue. Either way, as the world centers more and more around … Read more

Fishing Season

Fishing season is set to open in California this Saturday, April 30th. Time to get that fishing license.

Waterfront Director Retiring

After 37 years of public service, the City of Santa Barbara‚Äôs Waterfront Director John Bridley announced that he will retire from his position on July 1st, coinciding with his 30 year anniversary with the City. Mr. Bridley joined the City of Santa Barbara in 1981 as the Housing and Redevelopment Director. In this position, he … Read more

Easter Weekend

Tomorrow is Easter. Hope everyone has a nice weekend with friends and family. [flickr id=”4412682442″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”left”] Be safe out there.

Sailing Season

Spring is a good time for sailing…[flickr id=”5641792259″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”none”] Enjoy the season…


Out of curiosity, I’ve started researching harbors that provide free WiFi… Here’s one: Cabrillo Isle Marina in San Diego, California. I’m planning on doing some more research and expanding the list as time permits. If you know of a harbor with free WiFi, feel free to pass along the info.


Not much to report this morning…. I need to do something about luffing sails.