A Big Thanks

Just wanted to give our webmaster a big thanks for the ongoing changes to Harbor News. Much appreciated.

Captain Teague

Our favorite pirate, Captain Edward Teague, aka Keith Richards, visits the HMS Victory.

Minor Changes

We’re still working on Harbor News, you’ll notice some small cosmetic changes which we hope you like. Suggestions are always welcome.

Navy Week

The USS Abraham Lincoln has sailed into the Port of Los Angeles to help kick off Navy Week. If you’re in the area, I’d strongly encourage you to check out this impressive ship, say hello to our men and women in the military, and enjoy the festivities. You won’t be disappointed.

Critical Updates (nav charts)

We just got a tweet indicating that there have been some critical updates to Navigational Charts on the NOAA wesbsite. The link above should take you to the site so that you can download the updates. We’re always happy to share this information.


We’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress… and are making other minor improvements. We hope you enjoy the site.