Another Day

Never underestimate the power of nature. We see examples all the time of the dangers it can pose. That being said, we strongly encourage new boaters to learn how to deal with minor situations and avoid major ones. There’s always another day to hit the water with your boat.


The media seems to confirm that the world is still mad as a hatter. No worries. There’s always boating to put things back into perspective.

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day used to be about celebrating and acknowledging the working person. These days, with all the turmoil, we’ve forgotten that. We here at Harbor News tip our hat to all the hard work and people doing it. You keep the world moving.

Another Holiday

Another holiday weekend in the middle of a non-stop pandemic. At this point, instead of feeling compelled to do something because it’s the end of summer, don’t. Relax, unwind, spend some time doing things you like and let all of this craziness pass. It’s just another holiday, there will be others. Be safe friends.