Lost and Found

Here’s a story for you. Recently someone came into the Harbor Patrol office to turn in a box with a brass nameplate on it that they had found on a nearby beach. Turns out that the box was filled with ashes, and that it was the remains of someone who had passed away.

Instead of keeping those remains in the lost and found, they were sent to the local Police Department for them to keep with their found property.

I’m sharing this because I recently found out that this isn’t an unusal circumstance. The Harbor Patrol regularly sees and collects floating boxes of ashes (yes, remains) from the waterways.

It seems that people just toss whole boxes of ashes into the ocean instead of spreading them as sea. This can cause boating hazards as these boxes don’t necessarily sink.

Depending on the condition of the box recovered for the sea, who knows where it could end up.

I’m sure most people wouldn’t want their loved ones to end up in a landfill.

So, I guess the moral of this story is to get people to spread ashes properly.