Try it

Hello good people. We encourage everyone to spend as much time on the water as possible. It helps give one respect and appreciation for nature, bringing us closer to the natural world. Give it a try. We think you’ll like it.

Good Luck

As some parts of the world try to return to their pre-pandemic status, it’s becoming more and more clear that that strategy won’t work for everyone or every industry. We’ve been watching to see how this will play out with Cruise Ships, and we just can’t tell how this is going to work. Given the … Read more


Well, as expected, inflation has reared its ugly head and is impacting just about everything in our daily lives. This goes for boats too. There are a number of reasons for this, increased demand for boats being just one of them. Since safety is such an important factor with boating, don’t put prices ahead of … Read more

Too soon

It’s been a long journey getting through the Covid-19 pandemic. Though it’s been good for the boating industry in general, it’s been hard for the general public. The frustration of being locked down has been palatable and you can’t blame folks for wanting the restrictions we’ve been living under lifted. And lifted they have been. … Read more