Boating Classes

If you’re new to the world of boating, you’ll soon find that it can be quite a challenge, and that safety is always a paramount concern. If this is the case, check your local area for boating classes that focus on safety. You’ll find them to be very valuable, and what you learn will make … Read more


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A quick thanks

We want to give a quick thanks to our webmaster for always going the entra mile to make sure that harbornews is up and running, and making it a valuable resource to our readers.

Big Waves

For the last several days there have been extremely big waves along the California Coast and the usual suspects, meaning the public, standing too close to them in awe of the sight, yet oblivious to their true power. Folks, please don’t underestimate nature, it’s important to keep yourself out of harms way. If you’re on … Read more