Not much to report this morning…. I need to do something about luffing sails.

Foggy Mornings

As summer approaches we are starting to get foggy and overcast mornings. Let’s hope it burns off by this afternoon.


Here’s a little trivia: A scuttlebutt is a cask that holds drinking water on a ship…. I’m sure you can guess how it became associated with gossip.


Cat lovers, spread the word. If you’re in the Santa Barbara area, C.A.R.E.4PAWS & ASAP have launched a Spring Spatathon for Cats. This is taking place April 10 – May 31. With the goal of preventing hundreds of unwanted kittens ending up in local shelters this spring C.A.R.E.4PAWS & ASAP join forces to help low-income … Read more


The wind kicked up late this afternoon, but that didn’t seem to deter people wanting to take their sailboats out.

Wet Wednesday

Today’s a race day…. There are clouds on the horizon this morning, so it could be an interesting race. Keep an eye on the weather and, as always, be safe out there.