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We’ve had an equipment failure this morning and lost a switch. We hope to have it fixed soon. Just shows you the need for and importance of redundant systems.

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Improving lives

It’s time for us here at Harbor News to once again to begin implementing some new software. We’re hoping that it makes our lives easier, otherwise it’s not worth the effort. Remember folks, technology is here...

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Planning Ahead

Here in California El Nino was supposed to save the state from the drought it’s been in for years. That didn’t happen. Too often we give science and technology more credit than they deserve and put our faith in them,...

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Celestial Navigation

We just heard that the Navy will begin teaching celestial navigation again and we couldn’t be more happy about that. This system has served us well, and will continue to do so in the event of the failure of our technology...

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Human Touch

Technology is fine in dandy in so many areas of our lives, but there’s still nothing like the human touch in the things that we do, and how we relate to each other. It connects us to one another and makes for memories...

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Due to events beyond our control the fiber optic line that we use here got crushed and needs replacement. That’s brought most of our activities to a halt. We’re able to post this via a wireless connection. This...

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Moving Ahead

Another meeting to address operational concerns by 3rd parties who barely have a vested interest in a technology project? Happens all the time, just be prepared, and do your research. The more you’re able to anticipate and...

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Review Process

So, we here at Harbor News find ourselves once again reviewing software. Why? Times change and you’ve got to change with them. But, change for change’s sake is another matter. Make sure there’s a reason for...

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NOAA Weather

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