Harbor Patrol

on May 1, 2016

We’d like to take some time out and thank all the hard working harbor patrol folks out there. You’re much appreciated.

Water Safety

on Apr 30, 2016

Water Safety is important, especially to commerical fishermen, so we’re sharing this excellent blog post. As always, stay safe.

North American Safe Boating Campaign

on Apr 24, 2016

We’re big advocates of Safe Boating in general, and the organization and the work that they’re doing. Please click on this link to find out more about them and how you can give them your support.

U.S. Coast Guard investigates fake mayday call

on Apr 14, 2016

It was all hands on deck. The United States Coast Guard dispatched a chopper and crews in response to three frantic distress calls on the water. Source: U.S. Coast Guard investigates fake mayday call on Lake St. Clair | WJBK

Know your limits

on Apr 10, 2016

Time sneaks up on us, and things that were once easy, things we could do and took for granted are no longer so easy. When you’re on the water this could become a life or death issue. Know your limits and adjust accordingly. Stay safe tolks.