Safety Tip

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Our safety tip for the day, and we know it might sound silly, but in the event of a Tsunami head for high ground, the higher the better. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know this.

Nautical Know How

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Nautical Know How is important if you plan on spending any time out on the water. The more the better, so click on the link and brush up on your skills.


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Hypothermia can kill. Make sure that you know what to do in the event someone should fall into cold water. If this happens, get out of the cold water as quickly as possible, remove cold wet clothing and get into something dry and insulated. Move around to generate some body heat and drink fluids.

Check your gear

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It’s important to check you gear in order to help prevent mishaps. The little extra effort is worth it in the long run.

Shorter Days

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The days are getting shorter which means more chance being on the water in the dark. Make sure your electronic equipment is in working order and stay safe.