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The fact that the U.S. now has politicians clamoring for more icebreakers is another case of too little, too late. A distraction more than anything else. We’ve been neglecting this need for decades and are now are throwing out empty words. These days its better to believe it when you see it, not when yo hear it.

Fall Cruise Ship Season in Santa Barbara

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Source: Fall Cruise Ship Season in Santa Barbara

Japanese fisherman finds boat

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The Globe and Mail offers the most authoritative news in Canada, featuring national and international news Source: Japanese fisherman reunites with boat swept away in 2011 tsunami – The Globe and Mail

Tropical Island Prison

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A sort of mini Alcatraz off the coast of Florida once held one of America’s most famous prisoners. Source: The Tropical Island Prison Older Than Alcatraz: Photos Something to see

The Rudder

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For those of you curious about where and when the idea for what we know as the rudder came from, try China around the 1st century AD.