Calm Down

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There’s a lot of hype and hysteria these days aimed against cruise ships. They’ve become the enemy du jour, especially for cities along the California coast. They get much more media focus than they should if heaven forbid something goes wrong, like someone getting sick, or falling overboard. Sensationalism sells, never mind the fact that these ships are floating communities with all the same issues that a small town would have. We need to keep things in perspective, and not let the hype get amplified, there’s nothing inherently wrong wit cruise ships. They bring tourist money to towns that are struggling otherwise (from a recession that never really ended) to make ends meet. Sure, we need to be vigilant stewards of our environments, and our communities. We need to calm down and be sensible, a really try to set an example as to how civil societies behave.

Still making changes

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We’re still making changes to Harbor News. We hope you like them, and if you’ve got any feedback feel free to contact us. We’re putting our focus more on a mobile environment. One stop takeout so to speak.

Ghost Ships

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It’s a foggy day along the Santa Barbara coast with a cruise ship sitting like a ghost just off shore. Makes for an interesting atmosphere.

Clean Sweep

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The 8th annual Santa Barbara Operation Clean Sweep is set for May 3rd. This is a volunteer program sponsored by the Santa Barbara Waterfront to keep the harbor clean. Phone 805-564-5531 for more information.

Working on site

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We’re working on some changes to Harbor News…. excuse any blemishes during the updates….