Wear It

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Wear It is a campaign to promote safe boating and the use of life vests. We support the work they do and hope that you do too.

Quick Check

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We know it still doesn’t feel like, but it’s now Autumn, which means changing weather and bigger challenges out on the water. Take some time to inspect your vessel and make sure everything is in order. You can’t be too safe.

Coast Guard enforces regulated navigation at Oregon Inlet

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The Coast Guard said beginning Thursday, it will enforce a regulated navigation area for the navigable waters surrounding the Bonner Bridge in the Oregon Inlet. Source: Coast Guard to enforce regulated navigation area at Oregon Inlet | News – WCTI NewsChannel 12

Harbor Launches Outreach Program

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Harbor officials urge paddle boarders and kayakers to avoid the main channel after close calls and complaints from boaters. Source: Harbor Launches Outreach Program Targeting Paddle Boarders and Kayakers | News – KEYT

Boston Light

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Here’s a bit of nautical trivia for you out there. The oldest lighthouse in the U.S. is also the only remaining manned one. It’s know as Boston Light and will celebrate 300 years of existence nest year.


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The world is filled with danger, and also with those to help us along our journeys. Lighthouses alert us to the dangers ahead and help us navigate the path or sea before us. Remember to give thanks for these true blessings.