Sail on dreams

Don’t give up on dreams. They’re what change the world and make the impossible reality. Dreams have taken us across the oceans, and given us flight. Dreams fill our sails with wind and carry us forward. May you sail on dreams.

Slight Bump

The Santa Barbara Waterfront has been working on estatements for its billing. They’ve hit a slight bump with some email protocols, but hope to have the issue resolved soon.

Be Safe, Be Smart

We’re big supporters of safety. So, be safe, and be smart. Wear a vest. Happy Boating.

Book Trivia

The book Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana Jr. is the story of a nautucal journey from Boston to California and back. Conditions on sailing vessels for crew were horible at the time, this book helped to change that. If you’re looking for something nautical to read, this book would fit the … Read more

Working on some changes

We’re busy working on some improvements to Harbor News. Will keep you posted. Happy Sunday folks!